3D Virtual Worlds

hatec_article_250-53D Virtual worlds are engaging, stimulating spaces where students can meet online for normal class activities, including lectures, discussions, case studies, projects, papers, exams, and labs. Classes are a mix of synchronous and asynchronous activities. A virtual world class differs from a traditional course management system, such as Moodle, due to the three-dimensional (3D) graphical setting, the use of avatars to represent the class participants, and the sense of presence that puts the learner within the scene. Basic characteristics:

* Multimedia-rich: full duplex sound communication, chat
* Integration: with other platforms such as moodle
* Cross-platform: operates in windows, linux, iOS etc
* Game engine: Serious gaming projects, gamification in learning
* Interoperability: compatible with 3D objects ( imports scada, autocad, collada, mesh objects)
* Customization: fully customiozable environment with building function
* Scalability: the number of prims (primitives) can be scalable based on the need of the client