Blended Learning Environment 2.0

‘Blended Learning Environment 2.0’ is a Learning Environment created by HATEC  SA, that supplements και manages Blended Learning Sub-Systems in  unified Single Sign On Environment:

  • Asynchronous e-learning Platform (LMS)
  • Synchronous e-learning Platform (CSCL)
  • Social Networking Platform to support Informal Learning in the organization
  • e-Portfolio
  • Surveys Engine
  • 3D Virtual Worlds

Blended Learning Environment 2.0 is a powerful tool for Blended Learning programs, it promotes communities of practice and social learning and empowers the trainees’ performance.

New and advanced methods that support training internationally focus more and more on collaborative learning and self-directed personalization techniques. E-learning content (Learning Objects) is also used extensively through a well-designed and functional LMS.

Blended Learning Environment 2.0 focuses on the user (trainer and trainee) and is the ideal, integrated and cost effective solution for companies, organizations, schools, colleges, NGOs, Conferences etc.