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Development of Competency Framework

Competencies are a set of desired behavioural standards within an organisational or job context. They provide the employee with a structured guide as to the behaviours that will be recognised and rewarded.

A competency framework can be valuable in an organisation in a number of ways:

  • Sets clear expectations of performance expectations
  • Sets common standards for employee advancement
  • Provides clarity to people management processes
  • Brings organisational core values to life
  • Enhances fairness of performance management system
  • Helps in identifying employee potentials
  • Can provide an understanding of your organisation’s capabilities
  • Provides direction for an effective training and development budget allocation
  • Helps in attracting, motivating and retaining talent

To enjoy the above benefits however, when developing a competency framework, one must consider the job and person specifications as well as organisational needs for talent-mix.

Our solution to competency framework modelling is designed to help organisations in determining their specific competencies that are characteristic of high performance.

1. Meeting with the Executive Team

As a first step our team of consultants will meet with your executive team to help define and analyse the personal characteristics, abilities and skills of employees across job clusters, job roles and levels. With the use of our HR Mentor Tool which includes a large number of benchmarked competencies you can build your own Competency Framework that will reflect upon your own organisational needs and norms (age, gender, country, occupation).

2. People workshop

Involving people is a key factor into developing a competency framework. With the help of our specialised trainers and facilitators people are asked to create their own Job Template, link it to the organisation’s specific circumstances and finally to convert it to a set of relevant Competencies. This stage involves the use of an interactive web based application, Job Mentor, which incorporates information for more than a thousand competency based job descriptors.

3. Design of the Competency Framework

At this stage our consultants will compile a report addressing key issues arising from meetings and workshops and recommend the organisational Competency Framework for final approval from the top management. The final deliverable will include:

  • A clearly defined competency framework applicable for all job clusters, roles and levels that provides clear linkage to organisational core values and strategy
  • A competency assessment tool
  • A competency dictionary
4. Training

At this stage and via face to face and/or web based trainings we aim to establish a clear understanding of the expected performance levels. We also provide trainings to appraisers on how to assess in a fair and objective manner.

In addition to the services offered within the context of the Competency Framework development process we also offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Identification of competency gaps and development needs (Training Analysis) [this is to be a link with the relevant service description
  • Integration with existing Performance Management System
  • Redefining your existing Competency Framework
  • Integration with other people processes (e.g. recruitment & selection, training & development, progression)