Sales Excellence Workshop: A Consultative Selling Approach

In traditional selling often sales representatives try (too) hard to sell products or services, struggle to convince the buyers by talking to them ceaselessly and to close the deal as soon as possible and move on the next prospect.

However buyers, today, have online access to more information, options and alternative channels than ever. They are also more ‘trained’ to identify the solutions or products that match their needs, in the right price.

So, can we afford to stay traditional?

Consultative selling sifts the focus from the salesperson to the client and builds trust and relationship as the basis for a value adding selling process. In fact in consultative selling, the salesperson builds rapport and then acts as the trusted advisor (consultant), by collecting information on a prospect’s needs and then presenting him with a solution and its benefits, which add significant value to the prospect.

Who for/Required Level

All sales related professionals and teams with at least one year of experience in products or services sales.


By the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Define and understand the Consultative Selling Process Vs Traditional Sales
  • Set Business Development Objectives
  • Identify or create business opportunities from existing or new prospects
  • Implement the six step model of Growing the business with Existing Clients  / High Potential Clients  (HPC)
  • Be interesting and interested
  • Present themselves as experts
  • Build rapport easily and flexibly with all personality types
  • Apply Questioning and Active Listening Skills to build rapport and create, identify, explore and assess the possible needs of the prospect through meetings or telephone conversation
  • Communicate in an advanced mode using behavioral tools
  • Establish client’s needs and add value
  • Present with confidence
  • Negotiate and close the deal with success
  • Follow up with confidence
  • Implement a targeted analysis approach in order to identify their new prospects


The learning methodology is highly interactive, consisting of a balanced mix of short presentations and Q&A, sharing of knowledge and experience, discussions, feedback, scenarios, real world case studies, practical examples, self-tests, role plays, individual and group exercises designed to assist the participants to gain a working knowledge of the topics taught and to embed the skills.

Day 1


  • What is Consultative Selling? The Process
  • Consultative Selling Process Vs Traditional Sales
  • Planning sales and setting objectives

Being a Rainmaker

  • Researching clients: Business Intelligence in action
  • How to identify or create business opportunities from existing or new prospects
  • Setting Eligibility Criteria
  • Application exercise

Being Prepared

  • Knowing our products and services in depth
  • Being a Person of Interest: Your Elevator Pitch
  • Application exercise

Building rapport and opening the conversation 

  • Being interesting and being interested
  • Know and adjust your communication style to your client’s to build rapport and trust
  • Social styles grid: Understanding different personality types in the sales process. Using behavioral models and tools with Personality Types Model (Self-Assessment Tool and Case Studies)
  • Case study

Gathering information: asking questions

  • Focusing on the client’s needs not on our services
  • Asking the right Questions, the key to open communication
  • Using feedback and questioning skills to better understand others
  • Types of Questions
  • Application exercise

Day 2

Understanding the client: Active Listening Skills

  • Active Listening Skills (Self-Assessment Tool)
  • Applying active listening skills in order to communicate with credibility
  • Application exercise

Establishing needs and adding value

  • Understanding the real Needs of the clients
  • Establishing needs and Adding Value
  • Application exercise

Presenting with confidence

  • Know you audience: planning for targeted public
  • Creating self-image through presentation
  • The art of presenting: techniques and skills
  • Body language
  • Presentation Practice: Design and deliver a 5’ sales presentation based on a real life scenario

Negotiating and closing

  • Negotiating the price and handling objections
  • Focusing on a Win-Win approach to build trust and lasting relationships
  • Strategies to close the deal
  • Follow up with confidence
  • Application exercise