eportfolio1_post_450x275In the context of a knowledge society, where being information literate is critical, the ePortfolio can provide an opportunity to support one’s ability to collect, organize, interpret and reflect on his/her learning and practice.

It is also a tool for continuing professional development, encouraging individuals to take responsibility for and demonstrate the results of their own learning. Furthermore, a portfolio can serve as a tool for knowledge management, and is used as such by some institutions. In more detail e-portfolio offers:

  • Submit a View for Assessment by a tutor or teacher allowing for a snapshot of the View and associated Artefacts on a certain date.
  • File Repositoryeportfolio2_post_450x310
  • Users can add Views and Artefacts within a View to their Watchlist and receive automated notifications of any changes or updates.
  • Profile Information published in a Linkedin format
  • Allows users to create digital CV’s by entering information into a variety of optional fields
  • Automated CV Export as Europass in MS Word and other files format