GIFT 2.0, European Territorial Cooperation Programme, Greece – Italy 2007 – 2013

Human Asset has undertaken the task of designing and developing an “Educational Pattern and Training Template”, focused on the following themes: Transports, Logistics and Infomobility for the project GIFT 2.0.

GIFT 2.0 aims at demonstrating how to develop the Adriatic-Ionian geographical area, in Apulia and Greek Regions, with multipurpose approach through the joint coordinated management of existing infrastructures and common services, in order to intercept new traffic flows (short connections, neighborhoods and long distances) and consolidate redistributing the existing ones in an optimized way, minimizing generalized costs.

The main outputs are the following:

  1. Integrated Information System land-sea-air version 2.0 – created by public authorities and managed by private stakeholders (Trivago model);
  2. Pilot cases aimed to overcome existing common bottlenecks for freights and passengers;
  3. Training tools for qualified operators and change in skills;
  4. Positioning of Adriatic-Ionian area with GIFT 2.0 as “fully facilities” Region;
  5. Development of a joint trans-border ticket system (Ticketone);
  6. Establishment of an International Master and cross border training courses.
  7. Project outputs are linked to the concept of unique “virtual logistics” platform at three levels: CBC, intraregional and beyond borders.