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Diagnostic Surveys

Diagnostic surveys are very much like the Employee Opinion – Satisfaction surveys as they are implemented in the same manner. The main difference is that Diagnostic Surveys are mainly considered as ad-hoc projects, taking place once an organization has already identified specific problems or challenges that affects all or a smaller sample of the population.

The main scope of a Diagnostic survey is to further explore specific problematic areas affecting parts or any part of an organization’s Human Resources Management Model.

By the means of questionnaires (paper or web based), interviews or focus groups we can provide assistance in getting further insights.


All documentation, comments and questionnaires remain anonymous, to ensure maximum confidentiality. For the same reason the final deliverable does not include any questionnaires (paper or web based) or records kept during individual meetings or focus groups. Equally, any parts of data analysis arising from a relatively small sample that might jeopardize the level of confidentiality are not included in the final report.

The Deliverable

Following the completion of the survey and data analysis the client will receive:

  • Data analysis and result breakdown by survey groups
  • Comparative analysis between survey groups (e.g. office locations, departments, demographics)
  • Key areas requiring attention
  • Recommended follow-up action plan. We also offer assistance in the implementation of action plan
  • Raw data results in electronic form for further analysis (in accordance with the confidentiality provisions)