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Human Resources Compliance Audit

The main objective of the HR compliance audit service is to provide an independent assessment of a company’s HRM system’s compliance, with the legal requirements surrounding the people processes and practices.

Benefits of HR Compliance Audit
  • Verifies the compliance of people policies and processes with relevant legal regulations
  • Assists in rectifying risks and problematic areas by carrying out a gap analysis of people processes vis a vis employment practices and legal obligations
  • Minimizes the risk of lawsuits that would have otherwise led to financial cost and company disrepute
  • Assists the organization to reform its people management model and enhance the effective utilization of its human resources

Conversely to other market offerings of the same kind, our approach to HR compliance audit does not conclude to just a report highlighting your risk areas and their likely consequences. At Human Asset we always aim in taking that extra mile for our clients and add value to the services we offer. Upon the completion of the audit and the identification of the risk areas our Advisors proceed with the formulation of a thorough action plan which will lead to the optimum compliance.

At the end of the HR compliance audit you will receive a report that will also include:

  • A thorough SWOT analysis of your HRM policies, processes and practices
  • A list of prioritized recommendations that will help in strengthening your HRM model and function
  • A comprehensive guide to help in the implementation and thereafter monitoring of people processes
  • A list of KPI’s to support your monitoring process

Following the delivery of the report our advisors will meet with you to discuss in detail the findings and assist in the setup of an implementation timeframe that will take into account both, the need to mitigate potential emerging risks as well as our clients’ capabilities and availability in resources required to be engaged into the transformation process.

For clients requiring further assistance during the transformation phase we also offer:

  • Complete management of the implementation process
  • Step by step advisory assistance during the implementation process
  • Training of managerial and administrative staff that will be engaged in the implementation and on-going monitoring processes
  • Design or redesign of people policies and processes. For more information on our services offered under this spectrum please see the HR Policies and Procedures section.