Social Learning PlatformSocial Learning Platform

Today learning can be substantially facilitated with collaborative learning and self-directed personalization and web 2.0 functionalities.

The platform can be stand alone or integrated with asynchronous and synchronous e-learning platforms combining web 2.0 collaborative and social networks with learning activities. In more detail the social network offers:

  • Informal collaborative learning
  • Integration with other platforms such as moodle (Single Sign On)
  • Social Networking features
  • Customizable learning environment with:
    • Personal Page  and Profile creation
    • Friends and Groups
    • Personal Files
    • Bookmarking
    • Blogging
    • Micro-blogging (Twitter like)
    • Social Networking Groups
    • Τagging

HATEC uses open source solutions as part of the development strategy and contributes to the open source community